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Spotting often becomes a problem when the person doing the spotting is trying to operate the spotted vehicle by some voodoo type of hand control. Spotting is just that, being the eyes for the driver as they have lost track (sight) of the obstacle. Communications needs to happen first especially on dangerous or very technical obstacles. Not only does the driver need to understand the spotter but the spotter needs to know AND RESPECT what the driver needs! This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine as a driver! I can see lines and I pick where I will drive. I will select my spotter out of earned respect. If I get into trouble and have to realign to a different line then I do rely on my trusted spotter to help me understand what needs to be done rather than steer my vehicle with his signals. If the driver is clueless or inexperienced you can see it in their eyes and body language and then you might have to guild them play by play but that situation again is often caused by body language of the spotter causing the driver to loose confidence in there own abilities. Frustration is a another HUGE factor! If the driver is nervous or frustrated they almost always start looking for their right foot to end the problem. As a spotter (especially on a guided run) you must de escalate the frustration! Again, communication needs to happen. Put both hands up open face and firmly say STOP! Talk to the driver, listen and/or explain and then proceed. As mentioned body language of the spotter as seen by the driver is uber important but so the spotters ability to be in tune with what the drivers body language is telling!!!! Multiple spotters are always a tension maker! If you are watching and can clearly see what needs to happen that the active spotter does not see, communicate with the spotter and DO NOT TRY TO UNDERMINE the communication link between the active spotter and the driver!!!! That last point is very hard to do when progress is halted and everyone becomes an expert.
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