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I am totally on this bandwagon as well. I discuss this at the morning drivers meeting also and try to identify any weak links.

It was well received on my runs on Spike and Moab Rim this year. On those trails. My approach was that these are advanced trails that require advanced driving skills so stopping a lot and spotting will only be on the big obstacles or for those that get into trouble or request it. Everyone agreed and we moved along at a nice pace and finished the trails in good time.

I was then prepared to discuss with anyone the option of bowing out if they weren't comfortable with that based on their rig for driving skills.

Advanced trails require advanced drivers and rigs which benefits the group as a whole.

Originally Posted by sleeoffroad View Post
One of my pet peeves has become over spotting. One of the reasons people attend these events is to learn how to drive off-road. If you are on a trail and every single little obstacle has a spotter, then people never learn to pick lines and drive by themselves. I normally suggest we just drive, then people ask for a spot only when needed or if I know safety is a concern.

Not only do people gain experience but the day does not drag on forever. Most people should be able to follow the truck in front of them without a spotting. You should learn how to observe the behavior of the truck on obstacles and what to anticipate.

If the trail leader keeps on spotting, then people don't learn how to choose lines. Put same type of vehicles together in the group so they can observe and learn.
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