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Default CB cable questions on trimming to length.

I remember in the Ham class I took at RS a few years ago there was something about the length of the cable coming into discussion... the particulars escape me. I think it was keeping the cable in increments of 8' (or some number).

I am installing a replacement CB this week (Cobra WX ST II) in the 40 and bought a coaxial cable from Johnson's corner folks last time I was through FoCo. My question is two fold...

First, should I keep the cable length at 18' or can I trim it without effect? I have an adjustable tip 4' Wilson Firestick if it matters. I'd also like to add an antenna splitter for the radio/cb if it doesn't effect anything negatively? Thoughts?

Second, I bought a mount that looks like the one below and I am wondering where the best place to put it might be? I was hoping to mount it to the rear as to keep it clear from trail obsticals, but would a side rear quarter mounting location make more sense?

I don't want to mess with punching holes where I don't have to!

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