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Originally Posted by Cheeseman View Post
You know these are excellent points. All things are the same only different for all people. Ask my wife about that one. I have been known to take that slow person and put them right behind me for all the reasons that have been mentioned. New suspension, new rig, little experience, low confidence. That way I can help them personally for awhile. Usually creates a whole new person and ultimately a whole new driver.
I was thinking something similar, and also thinking of what was mentioned in another trail leader thread about putting the inexperienced drivers right behind an experienced driver with a similar rig. Makes a huge difference when they can be focusing on someones line before "following the leader". I do it myself when on a new trail.

Flip side of that coin is putting an inexperienced driver behind someone in a tippy 40 or a crazy mini-truck driver. That tends to freak people out and really slow things down.

Where am I going with this. Oh yeah, taking a moment at the beginning of the run to arrange the order might be good.

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