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Good points, Mike. Thanks for taking the time to share 'em with everyone.

Scott Yoder and I have tried various lineups during snow runs (A case where almost everyone needs help at some point in the day!) and biggest truck to littlest truck with a strong anchor truck at the end of the lineup works best because each smaller truck shaves down the center berm of snow a little more for the smaller truck behind 'em.

Moab is a little different. There is very little strapping and frankly, I've only had to use a winch in emergency and recovery situations so far in Moab. I think we're onto something here about the importance of driver experience/skill in the lineup. Putting an experienced driver in front of an inexperienced driver to demonstrate line selection can not only keep the trail moving at a good pace, but also help teach line selection and techniques to less experienced drivers. I love it when I get to the end of a trail and I can see first hand that a driver has greatly improved during a single good day on the trail.
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