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Repair location.

Example 1: During EJS on '05, a Cherokee broke his rear axle trying to get up Upchuck. We pulled him over to the right side (looking at Upchuck) and started repairing it. It took a few hours, mostly due to fishing the broken axle chunk out of the housing and trying to figure out how to disassemble and reassemble the Lockright, and several groups passed through. When other vehicle groups were trying to drive up Upchuck, it was a very dangerous place to be working on a vehicle, if they were to roll right and come back down. We moved everyone out of the way while vehicles were around, but thinking about a different place to work on the vehicle where we didn't have to move every time another group came through may have saved some time in the repair.

Example 2: Broken pinion on Spooky Night Run 2009. It happened near the top of a snowy, slick hill. We decided, rather than lower the broken truck down with the winch to a flat spot where we could work on the pinion, to just work on the pinion on the hill. I guess it was in order to save time that it was taking to get to the repair. Well, at the end of the repair the truck had to be lowered down with the winch anyway due to the slick conditions, but in the meantime trying to work on the hillside added a lot of complexity and difficulty to the repair. Thinking about it afterward, we could have (and probably should have) done that repair a little differently, by taking a little more time to secure the broken vehicle in a safe location, and then proceeding to work on it. Don't enter into the repair process too soon.
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