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Why do you have two call signs?

Given your explanation the call from England was 4 - 6

I live on a ridge, and I work in the Hudson Valley. So as I drive a long the ridge I get one kind of report, and as I decend into the valley the report may change in the same QSO. Which makes it tricky to give a signal report as I am driving.

Another thing is that as I am talking to England, I can here them well 5-9 or 4-6 and then I may loose them for a 2 to 4 second. So it is not steady 4-6. will flactuate 4-6 to 2-3.

Lastly driving around in Land Cruiser makes it an ultimate QSO for me. Meaning, I am in a vehicle that can drive anywere and QSO everywhere. Now, how cool is that!
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