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One of the most important skills an amateur radio operator can/must develop is to listen. Somewhere on the band, someone is calling CQ. Get into the habit of listening for that station, calling CQ yourself only when you're sure there's nobody out there calling CQ. 10 meters is an awesome band. Listen in the 28.300 to 28.500 portion of the band although 28.495 is the DX calling frequency. I would stay away from that spot as it's usually very busy. Also, until Sunday around supper time, there's a very big world wide contest on, 10 meters included. The band will be busy but that could be a good thing if you understand how to operate in a contest. Get on the air. You'll get the hang of it. Once you make contact with a station, be prepared to give a signal report, your name, and your QTH (location), and your call sign suffix should include "mobile" if you are. Let us know who you talk to.

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