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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
Nice That you?
Yes it's me.

I am amazed at how much the machine determined how I enjoy the activity.

I really really like to go slow with my LX450. In fact I detest it if I have to hurry up. Last year after CM2011 I stayed for few more days. I did Chicken Corner idling in first gear listening to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohn. I enjoyed that I did not have to catch up with anyone and was not holding anyone back. I routinely chug a long at 65mph no matter how fast the road is or how clear the traffic is. In town I rarely go above 30mph even in the 40mph. What I am saying is not that I like to go slow, but I like how the machine feels when it go slow.

On the other hand, on the Ducati I hate going slow. I have to go fast or I don't enjoy it. As a result and self preservation of my body and wallet, I rarely ride on the street. I just take it to the track and get my fix in a safe environment where everyone go the same direction, no cops, and no surprise sand in the corner.
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