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Default White Rim Trip Solo...ish.

Some of my friends invited me along a trip to White Rim this past weekend. I rode as a sag wagon... I think it is a term for mountain bikers who start to "sag" behind, and they then get picked up in the sag wagon. However, in my case, it was because my rear was saggin' in a the loaded down 40.

I got to drive all day solo, then hang with everyone at night. It was a great trip, lots of time to myself and enough interaction with others to enjoy the weekend.

It was short trip, left friday morning and got home last night. The bikers did the trail in 2 days There were 13 of us all together! We carried all the gear, food, and for the trip in my 40 and a taco. It was an easy fun trail with non stop views.

We dropped in at Shafer and camped at Murphy's Campground (one of the best campsites ever IMHO). Then pushed onto Mineral Bottom and then onto I-70!

Very cool trip... gotta' get back out there.

FWIW, the :dinosaur: got 14.7mpg on the way there and 14.8mpg on the return with ~100 miles of dirt in between.

I'll post up some pics once I resize them.

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