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Originally Posted by Overlander View Post
Another vote for Mercedes Benz OEM617 - that is a solid motor. I had an MB 300D for several years and regret selling it (for another Mercedes). Anyway, these engines have cast iron heads, bullet proof IP pumps that will suck glycerine from your tank (i.e. can run on WVO, used hydraulic fluid, used motor oil, biodiesel and other concoctions). I've run BioD in mine and it was super quiet.

The thing to check with this engine, however is the power curve - I believe they produce most of their torque in the upper range of the curve (around 2800-3000 rpms) - good for highway cruising but the low end grunt may suffer as a result. Again, super engines - just not sure about putting it in a crawler.

Good luck -
James, thanks for the info!! I was curious about the power curve, I think with the low end gearing I will be ok. How is the idle on the OM617? just thinking if I have to start in gear (low/low) on a hill, my 350 will start just fine but there is a surge as the IAC (idle air control) kicks in for the idle and you need to be ready for it. Thanks again for the response..
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