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After finding a few more fun rocks Tim could try to hide in we made our way back up. Hiking back up and out found us at the trucks again where we loaded up and headed back to camp chatting about the days adventure and figuring out who's brats and burgers we'd cook that night. Back at camp we drank more and ate till we were full... then back to the RC40 once more for more photo sessions and a bit of bragging as we cleared bigger and bigger obstacles.

The second picture is a shot I took of us headed back from the Maze overlook. Bruce took off toward the Maze overlook since the original plans was for us all to camp there. after deciding to head to the dirty devil instead Blair and I took the 60 and ran out to grab him. we made good time and since we were pretty close to the maze overlook when we were able to contact Bruce on the radio we went ahead and drove out to it. Man it was windy and cold out there. I didn't actually get a shot of the maze overlook.

We made it back to the intersection where we'd left Blairs rig and all started heading down the poision springs wash road. We were making pretty good time again so I was only able to snag one shot as we rounded a corner and saw the dirty devil in the valley.

Soon we dropped down to the river and found the rest of the gang working on Chris' rig. we did our best to get it running then finally decided to cut our losses and head out while we still could make it to Hanksville at a decent hour. Tim did a wonderful job of coordinating the towing effort and with Blair and myself in front of and behind Romer towing Chris we were able to make it out pretty quickly. Nice job Gentlemen.

The next morning found us in a rainy Green River Motel. we woke up and sorted out Chris' belongings and headed out to the Gyser before getting on the Hwy to head home. It was a neat stop before finishing the trip out.
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