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I think familiarity has a lot to do with this. I have a pretty decent soundstage here at the house, and my vote is that unless it's live and purely acoustic, its muddled.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a musicians house, so I have some history with this. my mp3 collections is about 95gig, all at high or very high bitrate. to me it is convenience. what I think influences audio more than anything in the last 70 years is recording technology. It's a simple fact that the recordable frequency range has changed in our time. This in turn is influenced audio transport methodology.

I think there is a lot of nostalgia for vinyl, and I get it. I listen to a lot of jazz from the 50's and 60's, and I can say vinyl or cd, nothing can improve how horribly it was recorded. That said, I have several super audio cd's and hd cd's, and the sound quality is truly incredible. However, these tasty morsels were done from the start with a goal of superior sound, using the best in recording methods, with quality being as important as profit margin.

MOST people listen to vinyl, with worn lp's, on a worn needle with a weak magnet, through a poor pre-amp without a true phono stage, output to big box speakers without proper placement.

What's funny to me, is that a lot of modern recordings are recorded with the lower to mid freq's so over boosted when mixed that a neutral/flat amplifier will project said recordings for what they are. crap. I have actually had to turn down my amps when such recordings come on, as the lower freqs seem to be boosted by 10-15db to sound normal on low-fi systems.
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