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The dealers do deal in reality. The books have not meant much for the last few years especially for used Toyota's. When I got out of the business most used Toyota's sold for retail book values at the wholesale auctions. That has not changed. Especially when production got dropped for a while due to the storm in Japan. While most Toyota's are built here in USA the power trains still are shipped for Japan.

The numbers I pulled were from actual wholesale transactions over the past 90 days. Only 23 base models went through Manheim nationwide. Think it was 7 LTD's Not not many. Often when I would pull those figures daily I would find double that is just our region on various vehicles.

I guess what I'm getting at is you will need to be patient to find that vehicle used in good condition for what you want to pay. IMO anyway from 6 years in the business.

Why not just get a new base model? If your planning to finance you'll see a better rate on new and warranty. If this is a cash transaction then I understand.
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