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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Great pics, James!! I know we're a wheeling club and all, but that hike was arguably the highlight of the whole trip for me, what an amazing place to be. You captured it well!
X2 Tim, well said..

To me this is the lure of the get to wheel in the saddle for a day or more to get here and then you get to stretch your legs for a 9+ mile hike.

Really great hiking all over Canyonlands and Beef Basin areas..

The Harvest scene is one of the gems for sure, while remote it is like the low hanging fruit though, there is a ton to see for years to come on return trips.

But nothing compares in my opinion, to your first trip to the Doll House and the Harvest scene, we were treated to arguably one of the all time moon rises ever, as well.

It will be tough to not want to end up there again, at some point, with future trips.
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