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Originally Posted by gr8fulabe View Post
So, the, "Club Workshop" ... offers welding classes on site. Anyone ever take any?
I have taken that class along with my father-in-law about 2 years ago. I was a complete beginner and the class was very valuable. I recommend it.

You're not gonna come out of there a professional welder. If you have been welding already, don't come to this class (you already know all they are going to be covering).

For me, it gave me just enough to know how to prepare for the welding, how to setup the tools and equipment, how to be safe doing it, how to make adjustments using the controls - previously a complete mystery.

You'll have a chance to work with a nice quality welding machine, and good cutting/shaping tools along with it. You can ask questions and get immediate feedback as you run your practice beads - it's all good for those starting out. I gained enough confidence to pursue on my own - this year I bought both stick and MIG machines and have used them all summer long with decent results.

I'm not going to be a professional welder but I know how to stick two pieces of metal together and run a decent bead - that's all I need right now.

Go for it -
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