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Hey I heard you took the initiative to offer up your own personal trail time and that of some additional folks in the Book Cliffs Cruisers to help Rising Sun lead trails at Cruise Moab 2012. Thank you.

If you take a look at the 2nd thread in this forum, there is a pretty good list of the trails I'd like to try to help get trucks out on and who I have leading each trail. This might help the other BCC leaders see a trail they enjoy running and wouldn't mind leading at CM2012.

I put you down to gun with Dave on his trip for now. Please let me know if you are interested in leading a trail as well as gunning with Dave.
I'll try to let you know if I hear word on a 100s run with Farnham too.

As far as the book goes: Yep. There are certainly some places it could use some updates. The meeting locations for the trails needs to be cleaned up for sure! I'll share your interest with the CM2012 committee. Thanks!

Sincere thanks, Stephen

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