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Default Price check on this FJ40

Not sure if this should be in the For Sale section? If so feel free to move it mods.

I have a friend who is selling his FJ40. I have attached a ton of pics that tell the tale. Here is what I know:

Exterior: Pretty clean. Paint is in really good shape. It was Olive brown and has been changed to white. The emblems are all there and in good shape. Signals all work. Soft top is in good/fair condition, pass side window is torn. No hard top/doors. Rust has been restored on both fenders and a little rust is peaking its ugly head at the B pillar seam to the tub, NOTHING major. The tub is actually super clean, and the rear sill has been replaced.

Drivetrain: Strong 350 conversion, lots of Eldelbrock parts. 3 speed tranny, stock t case and axles with disk conversion. Slight shackle lift. Toyota selectable hubs. Pulls strong, stops straight, works as it should.

Interior: Complete, rust free. Tuffy console, factory heaters, seats are rough, rear jump seats are complete but have no upholstery on the bottoms, aftermarket cage, custom gauges for the motor. The tranny hump and shifters are in new spots after the conversion.

Overall it is a pretty clean cruiser. Its a daily driver and they have put a lot into the mechanicals to get it to where it is.

So... what's it worth? I haven't priced one out in a long time.

If you think this is for you... PM me and I will get you in touch with my friend, thanks again everyone!
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