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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Looks to be a '72 or '73? If he believes craigslist prices, he could start at 8K or 9K and see what happens.

Looks like an older 350 with maybe no provisions for a power steering pump? Looks like it currently has manual steering? Did the conversion use AA components? What does the wiring look like? Did he tie into the factory harness or does it have a different harness?

Depending on all of this, I would think it would lay in the 5K to 6K range...
I think you are really close Matt. Sure, you can start up around 8 to 9k, really depends on how much time you have to sell it. Realistically, I think 5 to 6k will be what it will sell for. Now is a tough time to sell a trail rig but if the new owner wants to wrench on it over the winter and start wheeling it in the spring ok. I am just guessing, but as Matt stated, it will probably need some work depending on the new owners likes and knowledge. Good luck!
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