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Default ingenious trail repairs you have seen/performed

Following up on the topic of how to handle breakdowns on the trail, I'd like to ask for the forum's input on some of the clever tricks used in the past to get everyone off the trail safely after a breakdown.

Example: Many years ago we had an 1976 FJ55 break down before the climb-out on Kane Creek. Turns out the aftermarket coil gave up. Towing the 55 up the steep ledges wasn't working so Cheeseman, Red Fox and I boogied to the end of the trail, Red Fox ran on into the Napa in Moab for a coil before they closed. I pulled the coil from my 1989 4runner in the parking area at the end of the trail and Cheeseman drove me and my coil back to the FJ55 while the other trucks worked up the steep section on the shelf road. We installed the 1989 4runner coil on the 1977 pig and drove it out. We caught up to the rest of the pack on the way out with the FJ55. By the time we got to the parking area, Red Fox was back in the parking area with the new coil from NAPA for the FJ55.

What's the point? swapping parts just long enough to clear the hard parts of the trail might be safer/faster than trying to strap, winch, and stack rocks so you can drag a dead truck out.
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