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Default Top ten items to carry with you as a trail leader

So let the fun begin!

What are the top ten most essential items you carry with you as a trail leader?

Not what you take with you if you go wheeling but as a LEADER or GUNNER.

Here is my list;

1. Water
2. First aid kit as big as I can afford
3. Snickers bar(s) and or some type of chocolate
4. Cell phone/charger
5. Space blanket/survivor kit
6. GPS with charger and extra batteries/manual compass
7. Matches or lighter
8. Sharp knife
9. Map of the area
10. Sunscreen

This list contains all of the things that are in my truck when I lead or gun a trail. I have more items of course and if it is a CM trail I have the items that they give me too. I just want to see what other people think should be in the top ten of things they feel they have to take with them.

So let the lists begin
Thanks T aka Tom KR0MPS

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