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Originally Posted by RockRunner View Post
Gorilla tape and clevis hooks, that is what got Steve Brady out of Cliff Hanger. I did not do the fix but Steve, Scott Yoder and memory fails me most likely Randy. They fixed the broken tie rod by shoving the stud back in the hole and putting some shackles around it with tape to keep it in place. It worked all the way to get him on the top plateau so we could get him on a trailer and back home.

I am sure those guys will jump in to give better details but it shows what you can do with Duct tape and some shackles.
Randy, man of many talents, was not at work on this trail fix. Credit goes to the inginuity of Farnham and Corbet.

Broken piece of tie rod held together with a d-ring, clamp and Scott Yoders Gorrilla tape. Did not budge the whole way out.
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