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Insurance companies have learned their lesson with flood cars. They don't want this to become a money pit. I would check what the buyback would be and offer it to the someone in the club. However, they don't know the extend of the damage and they can not determine it. I would have said if it started right up, then ok, but they are already experiencing issues with ECU and other components. So where is it going to end. Not a gamble they are going to take.

Last thing they want is to have to strip it down and put a new harness in it due to corrosion. I think part of it is the issue with warrantee on the work already completed. Dealership could also be on the hook.

PS, we do have a white 100 you can buy.
See member for sale section for a link. We might even trade that 4Runner if you get it back from the insurance. We can use the drivetrain.
Christo Slee
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