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Originally Posted by sleeoffroad View Post

PS, we do have a white 100 you can buy.
See member for sale section for a link. We might even trade that 4Runner if you get it back from the insurance. We can use the drivetrain.
That's the amazing part of this with the ins company. I checked the intake and dipstick and saw zero water intrusion into the drivetrain. The instrument cluster was never underwater, and the majority of the elec components have already been changed out....only thing left is harness. Well, there could be sand in the muffler and cat, but that's not rocket science. For what the ins company wants for it, it would be an interesting project to take the body off and sell that back to the wrecker. Take the rolling frame with drivetrain, and put one of those FJ43 aluminum bodies on it. Might even do a SAS while you are at it.

Also, his truck was in the water for only a couple of minutes, whereas a "flood" car could be sitting for an hour in water. I just find it hard to believe it's toast....but if the ins company was offering me a way out of a commodity car for little loss, I would jump on the opp to get into a 100.
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