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Default Thoughts on LED lanterns...

I am looking to upgrade some of my camping gear this Christmas... as a former backpacker (10yrs ago) I have some nice stuff, but a few things have come a LONG way since I bought any gear for camping. The new LED lanterns have caught my eye. Anyone using one of these? I can see me still lugging out the propane Coleman gas laterns for large group/family camping, but I am interested in something more lightweight and compact for solo/duo trips. I would most likely use it for cooking and inside a tent or maybe lighting up a picnic table for a game of cards or something.

This on has caught my eye... are there others to consider? Pro's or cons? I think LEDs are here to stay.

I am also trying to figure out if a JetBoil would gain me any benefit over my MSR pocket rocket setup? It is more modular and takes up less space when stowed. Thoughts?
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