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Originally Posted by subzali
Whoops, maybe that should make it into the FAQ...make sure you can take out the fill plug BEFORE you drain the oil...that saved me with my t-case and transmission, as my fill plugs were barely operable, had to pound a six-point socket on and turn VERY gingerly. Can you get a vice grips on it? As Wes said, make sure the studs are seated well, and then they get sucked the rest of the way on when you torque the wheel on. What are studs made out of? Something softer than brass?
Massaged the boogered studs with a thread chaser and new nuts, worked just fine.

The fill plug is still in. Nothing worked, tried all the tricks but it was/is kind of brittle and resisted all attempts to budge.

Resorted to filling via a hand pump and the drain hole. Yes, it worked.
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