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Unless you have someone that you know you can reach with an HT in the backcountry you will still possibly be limited with an HT. They only have 1-5w and that doesn't go far with a rubber ducky antenna. Then you're going to pack a yagi as well? probably not. I thought the same thing and the reality is I just don't use it ever for that (unless all your hunting buddies use ham and you talk in the woods and check in with each other) and you should still practice the same emergency preparedness. If your are truly worried about this you would get a mobile unit and set up crossband repeat. That way you can use your ht to get to your rig and then use the 50+ watt to get a repeater or another user for help.

my .02

problem for backpacking and hunting the larger units (which give more power) are heavier. If you are going to carry it I wouldn't go with a FT series. I'd go the vx and either a 7 or 8 r so you get 5w. with the 8gr that is on craigslist you get gps which is nice for coordinates if you really had to relay your position. The 3r is super lightweight but you only get 3w. You should probably take a trip over to HRO and look and feel.
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