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Originally Posted by mtncrsr View Post
Wow! All real good info and it kind of starts to make your head spin. So many choices and of course you want to put your hard earned dollars toward the "right" unit. Thanks everyone. Sounds like I have a bit of research still ahead of me.
Don't worry, any of the modern Japanese radios (Alinco, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu) will work fine. If you want to save a few buck some of the Chinese radios (Wouxon) seem to work fine, too.

If you can, head over to Ham Radio Outlet on east Illiff in Aurora ( and to get a sense of their size and how well they're made. Ham gear tends to retain a decent value compared to most electronics. If you spend $150 now, you can recover $100 pretty much any time in next few years.
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