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Originally Posted by bh4rnnr View Post
Actually, it was a steal rod, bailing wire and duct tape. Man, forgot about that repair. Sketchy driving down Saxton Mt like that, but even more sketchy driving on the highway home.....
It was rebar and I had a hand in that one... LOL
Uh... you had some toe-out issues...

Then there was the time Marco welded your frame back together using my welder (because he is good and I am... not so much) after some Baja-style driving on Wipe Out Hill. It was God speaking to you about your need for a SAS I think.

Same Wipe Out that took out my R&P the prior year, disconnected the flanges and driveshaft and drove back to camp in FWD, put in a borrowed diff from Rock Dog/ Squeaky Toy/ Neil in camp and I was good to go. Discovered I liked 4.88s better too.

I still think welding Cheeseman's front frame back on (it was held on only by the body mounts... ), on Engineer Pass, was classic though. I never needed a welder for trail repairs until I bought one... LOL
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