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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
I have Yasae for 2M and Kenwood for HF. The Yaseu plastics seems to be less robust than the Kenwood. After a year+ in the car, you start to notice the difference in materials, even if the features and the electronics are the same.
What sorts of problems are you noticing? The FT-8800 I've got in the truck is going on 5 years old, last 4 years of it in the truck, just wondering. In my experience all of them have built various duh moves. Kenwood has occasionally cheaped out and not bypass and block their filters correctly (the TM-D700/D710 is notorious), so they have electro-migration issues. Shrug. That's why we're hams, sometimes you gotta break out the iron and 'improve' your rig...
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