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Default Wes beat me to it.

This topic is covered in my classes. While I agree that most cases we tend to side on the shorter side of the 10 minute rule meaning we ID ourselves more frequently, better shorter than longer. I've taught over 60 people in my HAM classes, and I know every one of them got a few pointers on keeping within the scope of our privileges.

We also covered this in the HAM section about repeater etiquette and the like. It is required that the full call sign be given every 10 minutes, not an abbreviated form.

If you get into a habit of doing it, it isn't bothersome. Talking on a run isn't the best place to rag-chew while driving, and sometimes with a bigger group it can get downright confusing on who is talking. That is why we always push the "listen before you transmit, and only transmit what you need to say" guideline. If you're WRDY like some folks can be (no offense), make sure you formulate your thoughts as best you can. Nothing is more embarrassing than hitting the time-out function of your radio or repeater because you were being chatty-cathy who needed to cut her string a little shorter.

Besides, this isn't about getting around "the rules". Its about absorbing the hobby and improving it, or at least not detracting from it.
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