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Default 1994 FZJ80 5.3l and 4L60e swap

So add me to the list of the vortec swappers.I have owned my 80 for a little over a year now and while it's been a great truck, the lack of power is getting old.

I was given the green light by the CFO to move forward with the swap.I sourced a low mileage 2006 Vortec L33 5.3l engine and 2003 4L60e 4 spd automatic transmission.

The L33 is an all aluminum V8 and is based on the LS6. It runs Z06 heads, 9.9 compression ratio, and the cam has a bit more lift (same duration) over an iron block 5.3l motor. It's rated at 310 hp and 335 ft/lbs of torque. It will make a good bit more than that because I had the PCM tuned for performance. It will be closer to 350hp and 350 ft/lbs of torque.The last few weeks have been mostly a mission of gathering the parts. I relied heavily on the previous LSx swap threads to come up with the list and I have manage to gather a lot of what's needed. I am still waiting on the t-case adapter from Advanced. I am keeping the stock full time t-case.A few more pics of the motor with the f-body pan swap done and LS3 exhaust manifolds installed:

I am doing my own wiring harness adaptation and have built my own fuse block to run the motor:

I am using an FJ80 shifter to keep the stock look:

I am using a dual fan 2 speed unit from a mid '90s lincoln continental. It's essentially two taurus fans that run together. The PCM will control the fans.

I started the dissasembly of the 80 last night. This project will move pretty slow since I work full time and my wife and I are raising 2 year old triplets. I don't have a lot of free time so work will mostly happen at night.

Stay tuned!
1994 FZJ80. Elocked, MAF 3/2 Lift, BFG 315 KM2s, stock 4.10s, ARB bullbar and a Warn 8074 winch.

powered by an all-aluminum 335hp L33 Vortec V8

2004 Kona Stinky dee-lux.
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