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Originally Posted by Overlander View Post
Nice work -

Question - what do you planning on doing with the Power Steering?! Are you going to adapt the Toyota P/S pump to the new engine, or are you going to use the GM P/S pump and just swap the lines to and from it?! If so, who's going to make custom hoses for ya?

Good luck with the swap - looking good.

good question. The solution is very easy. The toyoto steering box uses a 5/8s ORB fitting. Russell Performance makes the powerflex line of teflon braid hoses designed just for hydraulics and high pressure applications. They sell adapters that fit the gm/saginaw pump and the steering box that allow -06 JIC style fitting equipped hose to join the two up. I used a very similar setup on my old jeep CJ-7 crawler and it's full hydro steering. The hose is built using regular hand tools.

here's more info on the hose construction:

and these are the fittings for the pump and steering box
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