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Originally Posted by rockrod View Post
supposedly the vortec pcm will sense the drag from the compressor and self compensate the idle. There is an input to tell the pcm the a/c is on but it's a CAN input from the body module on the gm truck so no dice trying to make the toyota a/c amplifier tell the pcm the a/c is on. I will have an input to the fan relay set to trigger a small pusher fan mounted in front of the condenser to help with low speed a/c performance.
What is a PCM? I didn't realize the compressor speed can be modulated based on idle speed.

This maybe a crazy question but has anyone considered using an electric motor to power the A/C compressor instead of using the engine power? You could then use the Toyota compressor and still get the constant speed you need and not have to purchase custom hoses etc. I've seen electric motors for the Water Pump for GM trucks - is there such an option for A/C compressor, I wonder?
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