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Originally Posted by Overlander View Post
Oh, ok.... these new acronyms they come up with...

It's not the custom hoses that are concerning as much as the 'compensation needed at idle'... trying get that figured out I would think would be more challenging (unless the ECM senses it automatically and increases the idle speed).

The reason I ask all these stupid probing questions is that I'm probably going to do a swap on my FZJ80 one day (though not anytime soon) - I'm thinking '93 GM 6.2L diesel. Just trying to work out some of the things on my own, and it seems you're bravely dealing with these very same issues that have been occupying my own mind, so I hope you don't mind me bantering about it here on your thread.
The pcm does the compensating by itself automatically. It senses the drag (by 'seeing' that the idle speed is slowing) and opens the throttle a little more to offset the drag. It's fast so I doubt someone would even notice it happening.

I would imagine the 6.2l diesel works much the same way since it is computer controlled.
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