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Originally Posted by waggoner5 View Post
After doing this swap in to a 91, I would build my own motor mounts and put the LS as close to the firewall as possible. The tcase will have to moved as well, but your engine/fan/radiator clearances will be much easier to deal with in the long run. Great job so far by the way.
Once I have the mark's adapter, I will mate the trans to the t-case and then install them using the stock trans support. the motor will then get dropped in, and then the radiator/e-fan combo will be mocked up to test fit and ensure there is enough room.

the big hold-up right now is the adapter - it's somewhere between Australia and CA right now...slow boat and all..

Delta Current fan controller was ordered tonight. I was going to have the PCM control the e-fans, but decided to go with the DC variable speed controller so that the fans will run only at the speed that is needed to maintain operational temp, rather than just off/slow/high speeds. The DC controller will slowly spin the fans up to speed and will run from 0rpm to max as needed - this eliminates any huge amp draws when the fans are commanded. they will also turn at a minimum of 50% rpm when the a/c cycles on to keep air moving over the condenser to better performance.
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