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Default tough topic: Handling conflicts on the trail.

Look. We're all out there to have a good time wheelin' on the trails. It can be hard to be the "bad guy" who has to tell a person on your trail ride they are violating the rules. How have you (or could you) handled (handle) conflicts with folks on your trail ride or with other individuals or groups on you encounter on a trail ride? Remember that the SITUATION is the important part of this conversation. NOT the individuals involved. Please don't let your stories get too personal.

Example of an easy one: Dealing with drinking on your trail. The rules here are very cut and dry. No drinking on the trail ride. Stay cool. Maybe tell the individual(s): "Drinking is not allowed on the trail during our event. You are welcome to turn around right now and go back to camp to drink. I cannot permit you to be on this trail run with us anymore." You have recognized their choice without adding any personal opinion. Turn around and walk back to your truck. Mark them off the trail on your participant list, note the time, and the reason they are no longer on the trail ride. Take a few deep breaths and check out the scenery for a minute if you have to.

You can tell me about it back in camp at the end of the day. CM has a documented process for handling issues with individuals on the trail.
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