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I've had to deal with this in similar organized events. The bottom line is that people are going to do what they want to do regardless of any rules. You MAY be able to have the people in YOUR group cooperate out of respect but there isn't much you can do for non-affiliated groups/people, at least not out on the trail. Personally I think that it is a recipe for disaster and possibly injury. When I was new to the fire service I quickly realized that trying to argue with liquid courage is like arguing with a 3 year old. Fortunately I can give them the choice of either a trip to the hospital or jail and I have Police to be my enforcers. I'd suggest reviewing the rules prior to the run and suggest that the liquor come out at the BBQ that evening or stay behind. You’ve said what you’ve had to say and then put the burden back on them. At that point, if someone chooses to drink/violate rules, it’s an easier conversation because they’re clearly in the wrong and shouldn’t have any excuses. Hopefully, when they get pissed and attempt to vent to someone in the group, that person will back you up and the offender will be left with nothing more than embarrassment. I don’t envy you….
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