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Both the S100 & G12 have only 5x optical zoom lenses. I don't see either replacing a DSLR. Those may have great image sensors but are basically really nice point and shoot units. I have that with my little Nikon.

The XS40 hs has a 35x optical or the equivalent of a 24-840mm old school lens. I can see this as a valid replacement for a DSLR in the terms of zoom capability. I'm sure there are other short comings but I want the "big Lens" feature. And then the ability to have aperture like controls or whatever they are called in the digital world.

I just don't want to be where I was with my old 35mm Cannon Rebel where I hauled around 3 lenses all the time with a dozen filters and all the other crap.

But if I have to go DSLR I will. I just don't want to deal with it. Especially the dirt in the camera part when changing lenses. That sucks.
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