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One other suggestion, should you anticipate a potential issue, is to work out a code word with your tail gunner, which means switch to a different CB or (better yet) Ham channel.

Main Channel
Leader: Hey how's everyone doing.. looks like there's a gap, everyone doing alright?
others: we're fine, , look at that pretty rock! :are we there yet?
Leader: Hey tail gunner, how's the weather back there?
Tail gunner: a little dusty, but other than that just peachy!

top secret alternate channel
Leader: Dude, you got a copy?
Gunner: yeah.. I think those guys in the blue 80 are drinking beer. I think I smelled something, and they sure seem to piss a lot
Leader: Cool, ok. we're almost to the big obstacle, I'll try to walk by them and see what's up. Catch you back on the other channel thanks.

Main Channel
Leader: Ok everyone, we're about to the next big obstacle, couple things I want to review about the line so I'm going to hold up here for a sec until we catch back up as a group....
Gunner: will let you know when we're caught up.
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