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John, W0IG, showed me the photos of the damage. The building was blown over on its side and moved (slid downhill mostly) about 15 feet from it's location. The tower was mounted to the side of the building and that held fast, but went over with the building and was broken. The batteries seemed to have survived and did not leak being sealed gel, but the two racks inside were tossed about like marbles in a can. The VHF repeater and the UHF link radio are ruined.

At best the building's side is crumpled but the structure itself is OK. Worst case is the building is racked and unusable. This is a real radio building, monster wood skids, solid sides, lifting eyes. It had been up there for decades, the CCR is the 3rd owner of it.

The radios and controllers are lost. Really won't know the full extent until next spring and for the foreseeable future the link is dead. They are looking at a way to relink Mt. Thorodin to Eagle, which is the western hub via IRLP, but they need bandwidth and a UHF radio. Breckenridge will be off the air for a long time even if they do get the system relinked. Breck served as the UHF link, but Eagle is the actual link hub to GJ, Leadville, etc. So if they can find an IRLP link at least the state-wide system would be salvaged.

The storm took out a bunch of broadcast repeater head-ends, too. So the whole Breck valley's over-the-air TV and some radio is off the air, at least the Front Range station translators.
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