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What is the status from our brothers to the west (Wasatch)? I'm planning on doing the San Rafael Overnight again and have been trying to get ahold of Kurt for mapping purposes. I wasn't sure how the two of you coordinated things.

I have not decided where we are staying. SRCG left us with mixed feelings. We rented a cabin (not the one that caught on fire) for our kids to be in comfort. The swamp cooler was so clogged with cotton that it didn't run properly and after repeted requests, no one ever showed up to fix it. The bathrooms were atrocious at times and looked like they were only cleaned once daily.

On the other hand the atmosphere and group element was great. not having to drive after n beers was also very good.

We may end up staying there again and hoping the quality has improved or we might rent a condo with another family (if anyone is interested in the later or has any info let me know).
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