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I don't "need" a lens that long. But definitely don't want a high end point and shoot and be left wishing I had more that a 5x zoom.

With my 35mm SLR I have 3 zoom lenses covering 14?-300 from memory. I'd like a little more on the long end with a point a shoot. But 820 is a little overkill. I'll take it but would not choose the cannon if another option presented at say 600+/- and had better features that appealed to me.

I've thought about getting a DSLR but that only really appeals if my old Cannon SLR lenses will work with a modern DLSR correctly. If not, I don't want to invest that much in new body/lenses. And in the end really don't want to have to carry multiple lenses anyway.

My former neighbor had an Cannon with the super zoom and liked it. But he is no longer around to pick his brain on any complaints or short comings of the camera.

I spent the other night reading some long winded camera reviews and most were pretty good on the Cannon. Panasonic, Nikon, and Sony had some good offerings too in the $400 range. In the end sounded like I can't go wrong with any of them. Each had their strong points. Only thing that bothered me on the Cannon is one reviewer felt the AF was the weakest of the three in his test. A lot of the reviews went into detail far beyond my knowledge level on the workings of a digital camera. 99% of the time I'm sure I will be in full auto mode taking pictures of the family. But I'd like the ability to take the "safety off" so to speak and shoot like I did in the old days with my 35mm having full control.

As usual I'm probably over thinking this purchase and should just get the Cannon and be done with it.
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