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Depending on what lenses you have, your Canon film gear might all work with a Canon DSLR.

Plus, you'd get the 1.6x crop sensor factor, so your 14-300 would effectively cover 22.4 - 480.

That might get you where you want to go... not to confuse the issue any more, lol.

At the end of the day, you'd probably be pretty pleased with the ~$400 offering from Canon, Nikon, Sony, or Panasonic. They've all got good glass, and sensor technology these days is good enough that it's hard to pin one of those as the "best." Being the big 4 competitors in the P&S market, they all stay on top of product development pretty well.

I'd also add, it seems that all four companies are pouring R&D into high dollar point and shoot / mirrorless cameras. I suspect that the inexpensive P&S market is drying up due to camera phones getting beter and better, which in this case, is a great thing for the class of camera you're looking at.

Also, CES is this week. That may bring new product releases. If you can hold off a week or two, might be worth it. A) You might be able to pick up a previous year model for cheap, or B) there may be one with new features worth getting.

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