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Thanks, that put it in terms I fully understand. The big disappointment is how short the Sigma becomes. It was by far my favorite lens to play with as it was a pretty nice wide angle. It worked fine with my Rebel G but did take a beating on its last trip, and needs a tune up, as the AF is now temperamental.

What's hard for me as I have no local camera shop. Just the web and Wal-Mart. One of the shortcomings of my location.

Loosing the wide angle of my current set up brings me back to the original plan as the single lens gives me more than I already have and no Pelican full of additional parts. Perhaps a step back in camera features and sensor quality but a giant leap forward in convenience.

I definitely see myself with a DSLR sometime in the future. But I think for 90% of what I want to do now the high end point and shoot is my best option. Thanks for the help
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