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Pretty breezy, probably a 3 out 10 mostly except for post Top of the world section and Rose Garden Hill. Maybe a 6 out of 10 overall?

Rose Garden is tough but you are going down hill. The route is right/center-right all the way down.

The section post Top of the World can be narrow and washed out, potentially needing some rock stacking at times, then there is a ledgy climb that may require some creative angled climbing if you are without A-trac or lockers. But it is doable if you are open in 4x4 low.

I also meant to tell you about the first section between Cisco Landing and Fish Ford camp area. Just as you pass Fish Ford camp area and cross over the paved road back to dirt. There is a Koko sign to the left and a well traveled road straight ahead. You want to stay straight here. This is the only time you will not follow the koko signs.. going left at this juncture would take you to single track and is not passable via 4x4 vehicle.

Then as you meander straight west, you will find you are in a nice open valley, their will be a faint right turn not to far maybe half a mile or so, looks like the road less traveled but you want to turn right here, the road more traveled pics up again and is obvious, as it takes you north into Cisco landing.

The gate may be open or closed. Remember the rule for gates, if open-leave open, if through-close behind you..

Cisco takes you to 128, you travel about 5 miles or so on this highway before seeing the koko sign on your right. Along the way you will encounter another gate in this section, same drill.

Hope this helps.
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