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Thank you, Scott. I saw a lot of smiles out there on your trail run yesterday.

I though the pace was really good. I got to drive all the way to alice, all over yankee hill, up the glacier...basically every part of the main trail. It was REALLY fun.

Thanks to the big dogs for breaking the drifts down for us too. I only had to winch once...Then I aired down. Then it was WAY more fun!

I heard really good use of the ham and cb radios to keep track of the fractured groups. It was nice to know where each of the main groups were at along the trail to prevent one group from meeting another head-to-head on the trail in a bad spot. (Treeroot and Ige did a great job here.)

Thanks again. I hope everyone had 1/2 as much fun as I did. Sorry no pictures. (No reason to put up a Jeep picture here!)
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