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That was a fun day. Probably about 20 rigs. The first group went ahead and had fun breaking trail all the way to the top. The main group with me was too large to keep together with people have problems. It was pretty slow going for the hour as we tried to wait for the rear. With Raltson and Rudy on the radio with the rear group we decided to just continue.

Next time I will provide maps for people and try to split up people into groups with leaders with good radios. That should help keep people moving.

The firs group left the snow him in the playground for me to bust. Thank you. I posted a video of FJDan and I busting it. It was pretty hard snow. One of the guys in an FJ had to strap a very large Hummer.

We all eventually made it to the very top where the first group had been playing for a while. Some left early. I took the main group back down the way we came and showed them the rock quarry which we all played in. After meeting back at the cemetery some went home and some went on to Beau Jo's for Pizza which worked out well. I planned for 30 people but we had just under 20. So we all took pizza home. Good fun.

Here is a link to a youtube video.
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