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Originally Posted by subzali
So my charcoal canister has two ports on the top and one on the bottom. One of the top ports was blocked and the bottom one is blocked. I hooked up the vacuum line from the VSV to the top port (it was just sitting there but blocked off? ), and I gather the bottom one is just supposed to vent to atmosphere. Is this correct?

What are the chances my canister doesn't work? Is there a way to check? MUD can be so confusing with trying to answer simple questions like this, and since I figured somebody here probably knows the answer.

The top two should be #1 atmosphere and #2 from the VSV purge valve. The bottom will be a drain. Are you sure the one on the top is blocked or is it a check valve? Charcoal canisters are emission required but all they do is allow purging of excessive fuel vapors from the fuel tank.
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