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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
No, it was just during the lead up to the Libyan kinetic military action. Things like this jump around because of, guess what, propagation and source of the transmission. Could be shipboard or a variety of domestic and overseas installations. Depends on who was tasked with it within NATO, too. That could have come from Arizona, right here in the Springs, Omaha, Washington, Japan, Germany, Horn of Africa, aboard a ship someplace. Probably was terrestrial, though.

It might show up on 60m, 30m, 160m, LF (2200m, 136KHz), etc. as it depends on who's the intended audience and who's pressing the key. Honestly, I think the reason the FCC and the military have so much shared spectrum is so that theater commanders and the high command can decide what band to use based on the ham DX activity.
Hah, nice. Makes sense. That's pretty cool that you caught it and had the thought to video it.

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